Kennel Sparvöga´s

Founded 1990


I have 1 bitch left for sale by a cancellation


Misha gave birth to 4 wonderful danish-swedish farmdog puppies at januari 1st


2 males 2 females


1 tricolor male

1 tricolor female

1 yellow white male

1 yellow white female


Misha and her puppies taking a nap <3

                             Amribells Flashy Famous Friday           X                 Kitenga Lovely Lilly                                              

Amribells Flashy Famous Friday Leonberget,z Power Of Dream Bråvestagårdens Gundvald
Leonberget,z Toshiba Dream
Kitenga Flashlight Fiona Kitenga I Am Icarus
Youhais Lilla Lito
Kitenga Lovely Lilly

Frch Nordch Nord V-11 Nord V-12 Seuch WW-11

Kitenga Mystify Matrix

Dkch Nydingen's Dirck
Sech Kaorpen's Aimi
Piccobello Excalibur's Ellie B & F Moustgaard Foxtrot's Fister
Nordch Nydingen's Bianca Uden Bernhard








Male 1

7 week


Male 2

7 week


Male 3

7 week


Bitch 1

7 week


Bitch 2

7 week


Bitch 3

7 week


Bitch 4

7 week











Plans for new puppies